John Hampden Grammar School

Careers and Future Planning


Aims & objectives of the JHGS Careers programme

At JHGS the aim is to provide all students with independent and impartial advice and guidance regarding careers pathways and to assist students to develop skills and knowledge in respect of personal development, academic achievement, and soft skills.

There is a structured programme of Careers lessons – which are delivered during PSD lessons.  Students have access to Career software available through the school web site and Google Classrooms - Careers.

Students have the opportunity to engage with employers via school trips, enterprise activities, industry competitions, the I-PAC programme (Interview Preparation and Careers), attending career Fairs, Career presentations at school and Work Experience.

Students can access current employment, apprenticeship and academic opportunities via the JHGS Google Careers Classroom.  Information is provided on a regular basis to students and their parents via the JHGS weekly bulletins.