John Hampden Grammar School

Life at JHGS



JHGS boys are destined to become leaders of their generation: they develop leadership skills, self-confidence, emotional awareness and leave school with a desire to make an impact on the world. Much of this is achieved within the curriculum but many other opportunities for personal development exist. Opportunities abound for students both to lead and support each other and shape the future direction of JHGS. These range from the formal such as the Community Sports Leader award, School Council, Eco Council through to the informal. There are numerous opportunities to become involved in working with others as a Peer Mentor, Community Team Leader, School Prefect or one of the ''Men in Black '', our black tie attired Public Relations Team.
IndiaWe believe the world outside school has a great deal to teach us, and so we continue to forge links with companies and agencies, to encourage boys to compete in national competitions, and to give our students the advantage of contact with leading academics. In this way, we introduce them to the best that technology, business and universities have to offer, and they are stimulated by this rich environment. As well as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, your son can participate in global expeditions and field trips from as far away as Tibet or India to the doorstep of Mainland Europe. During our expeditions, in addition to developing leadership and team skills our students will always engage in community projects building upon the extensive charity work that is undertaken in school. Students often compete and succeed nationally in schemes such as Young Enterprise and Make Your Mark which also challenges boys to extend their horizons, with the result that their personal confidence soars. 

This sums up what it means to be a John Hampden student: positive, active, thoughtful and, above all, determined to see a project through to its successful conclusion.

A Healthy and Sporting School


Students are encouraged to develop a healthy lifestyle and indeed it is our student body that led the successful drive for JHGS to be designated a ''Healthy School''. Our ethos encourages the boys to complement their academic life with an educated awareness of health and an active enjoyment of sport.

Sport is of genuine significance at JHGS; we believe in both excellence and participation and offer students a broad range of opportunities. Our commitment to, and success in, sport impacts upon our whole community and the way we behave and work together. We offer all major sports (and many minor ones) and support and track each boy's involvement and achievement whether as part of our elite sportsmen programme or as a beginner just trying something for fun.

Inter-form and inter-school competitions enrich our community, and every year we are proud to boast of boy's achievements in county, regional, national and even international arenas, with boys currently training for places in European and Olympic Championships. The opportunity of international tour experience is highly prized; over recent years senior teams have travelled to South Africa, South America, USA, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Greece. Junior teams have toured venues in Western Europe. Such tours not only develop sporting excellence but also help to promote core JHGS values - working with and for each other.

Below is a diagram demonstrating the Sports and Cultural Tours the school has undertaken in the last few years alone.




Leading, creating, organising, planning and performing are all enjoyable and rewarding experiences. The calendar of performing arts events is extensive and varied and for boys of all ages. Our Jazz Band has an enviable reputation, and JHGS boys play in county and national bands and orchestras. Our musical productions such as ''Les Miserables'' and our concerts receive widespread acclaim. Our active Drama Club meets the needs of students of all ages, abilities and interests and offers a range of productions to suit all tastes. Less formal, but equally entertaining activities also take place such as a ''Strictly Come Dancing'' competition with WHS. CD and DVD recordings of performances are regularly produced. There is a strong tradition of art and photography at the school both as highly successful examination subjects and as extra-curricular activities.


Pastoral Care

Intrinsic to our ethos is respect for each other, our environment and ourselves. Pastoral care is integral to the fabric of the School. Each boy will develop a positive relationship with his form tutor who will look after his general welfare. Each year group has a Head of Year to lead and support the team of tutors and students and we have a full time matron to assist with boys' medical needs. All boys receive a carefully planned induction programme into the school. Regular contact is maintained with parents and new technologies enable rapid and informative communication.

We are very proud of our reputation for outstanding pastoral care that creates a safe, supportive and happy environment in which boys can excel.

Academic Life


We pride ourselves on a learning environment that is both enquiring and discursive. Boys develop independence in an atmosphere that fosters debate and positive achievement; they ''learn to learn''. our three specialisms enable us to offer a very broad curriculum and to tailor your son's examination choices to his interests and talents. Technology supports every aspect of the curriculum, giving our boys the vital tools for success in a fast-changing world. We are proud of the Wolfson Language Centre, a state of the art multi-media facility which has pushed JHGS to the forefront of Modern Foreign Language teaching. Our Technology College status reflects the enthusiasm John Hampden boys have for science, mathematics and technology. These are popular examination choices and boys succeed at the highest level.

The school's strengths in the core subjects, creative and visual arts, and humanities are evident to our visitors. A new music technology suite enables students to develop their interests in recording technologies as well as composition and we are constantly developing resources and offering courses to meet students' aspirations. Our strong partnership with our neighbouring girls' school, Wycombe High School, means we can offer a wider range of subjects in the Sixth Form and joint enrichment and extension opportunities for students. Our extensive curricular offering is supported by a range of after school opportunities including GCSE courses in Astronomy and Environmental Science.

Progress in learning is carefully tracked and reported regularly to parents and students. Our ''School Gateway'' app and website means that each parent has 24/7 access to their son's progress grades, attendance record, and achievements. Working together, we can create a passion for learning.

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The school is a member of the International Boys' Schools Coalition