John Hampden Grammar School


My son is not feeling well and he is unable to do PE, does he still need to bring in his PE kit?

Your son needs to bring his PE kit to every lesson. This means that he can still take part in some of the lesson in a different role. If the PE lesson is outside, it also prevents his school uniform from getting wet. Please send your son into school with some extra layers.

My son is involved in a fixture next week, what time will he need to be collected?

All information regarding the fixture will have been given to your son in advance. All details of any fixture is put up on the sports notice board which your son will need to check. The timings and location of the game is also on the school website.

My son is injured and can’t take part in PE, what do I need to do?

Please send your son in with a note regarding his illness/injury and he still needs to bring in his kit so he can take part in some of the lesson.

What activity is my son doing in (PE/Games) after half term?

This information is displayed on the sports notice board. Your son will have to look and will be made aware of all these details.

What time does the (hockey) practise finish tonight?
This information is shown on the extra curriculur timetable on the school website. Generally practises tend to finish at 5.00pm but please ask your son to check with the member of staff running the activity.
My son has lost / had stolen his (football boots / Games shirt)
The item in question will rarely have been ‘stolen’! It will have been misplaced somewhere around school – usually on a bag rack away from the sports hall. All kit is named and usually finds its way back to your son via the PE Team or student welfare. Alternatively lost property is stored at reception. Boys must bring all PE / Games kit home with them after each lesson, and so they should know which items of kit are missing before they leave for school. Please either send in your son with some spare kit in this case, even if it is not the correct colour (i.e. plain black shorts or any colour socks). Alternatively he can come to the PE office as early as possible in the day to explain the situation and borrow some spare kit.
The PE staff are here to help you son. Please contact one of us if you have any questions or problems; or better still – encourage your son to come and speak to us about it!