John Hampden Grammar School


School Uniform is an important part of JHGS's identity and the policy will be enforced.

Compulsory Items


  • Black Blazer - Blazer Badge embroidered on pocket
  • Dark grey or black trousers
  • White shirt
  • School tie
  • Shoes of the black leather type (no suede or trainers) and laces should be the same colour as the shoes
  • Socks of a plain, dark colour
  • Workshop apron - navy blue

Optional Items

  • JHGS backpack (sold by SportCrest)
  • Pullover - black with a v neck. This may be plain or PMG sell one with the school swan embroidered on it.

PMG Schoolwear at 5 Church Square, High Wycombe stock the school uniform.
They can be contacted on 01494 529693 or by e-mail at Uniform can also be purchased online via their website.
Visit PMG Schoolwear here

Uniform can also be purchased from SportCrest, 3 Union Parade, Eden Shopping Centre, High Wycombe,  HP11 2BQ.  They can be contacted on 01494 534741.

While certain items of clothing may be purchased elsewhere, the style and material must conform with the uniform as sold by these outfitters.

In cold or inclement weather boys are expected to wear a plain coat to school. Hoodies are not allowed.

PE and Games Kit


PE and Games kit

In September 2016 we launched a new PE and Games kit. The new kit must be worn by all new arrivals to the school and is also available to purchase from SportCrest for other pupils. It is not compulsory to purchase the new kit in order to replace the existing kit, however, please note the existing kit is no longer available to purchase.
The new PE and Games kit is a cheaper package than the existing clothing. There is now one kit, rather than previously having indoor and outdoor versions. This should clarify which kit the boys will need.
If you are to purchase the new kit the following guidelines may help:
Boys will be expected to have for all PE and Games lessons:

optional tracksuit

  • Reversible games jersey
  • Either football or rugby shorts
  • Games socks
  • Plus suitable footwear for the activity


Optional items include:

  • Non-reversible lightweight polo shirt
  • Base layer with JHGS on sleeve
  • Rain jacket tracksuit top
  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • JHGS sports bag
For details of these garments please visit
If you have any questions please speak to a member of the PE department.











The following are the previous requirements


  • Plain White JHGS short-sleeved polo with embroidered school crest
  • Plain white sports socks
  • White plimsolls (Gum soled) e.g. Hi-Tec - these must have white uppers and be kept exclusively for indoor use. Black and other coloured soles will not be permitted indoors.
  • Plain black shorts (nylon or polycotton)
  • JHGS black sleeveless athletics vest with gold bands



  • Games Jersey (black and amber reversible)
  • Socks - Black/Two amber bands on turnover
  • Plain black shorts (rugby type), with pocket
  • Football or Rugby boots with screw in safety studs or moulded sole.
  • Outdoor training or running shoes (for athletics, hockey, tennis etc. They must not be worn indoors)
  • Towel
  • Shinpads
  • Mouthguard - essential for hockey and rugby


Optional Items 

  • Microfiber black tracksuit top with embroidered badge - only available from SportCrest.
  • Hockey Stick
  • Rackets and Bats
  • Astroturf shoes
  • Black tracksuit trousers


All compulsory sports items are available from SportCrest whose details are above.
Visit Sport Crest here

Optional JHGS branded sports kit is available from Tacklebag via This clothing is particularly relevant for extra-curricular sport and includes options such as a racket sport t-shirt, a rugby contact top and even a beanie. 

Second hand uniform and sports kit is available from the PA RUSH shop. Click here to email the PA