John Hampden Grammar School

Physical Education and Sport

JHGS Sports Website - please click on this link for information on sport at JHGS
The department is structured as follows
  • Director of Sport: Mr D Bradley (i/c hockey)
  • PE teacher: Mr T Neill (i/c rugby)
  • PE teacher: Mr C Taylor (i/c Football)
  • School Games Organiser: Mr A Patten (leads external sports provision in the Wycombe area)


PE Curriculum 

Within Physical Education lessons boys are taught as a form group. In Key Stage 3 boys will experience one lesson per week taught by one of the four PE teachers.
Within each year boys will study the following activities for 5 weeks at a time; gymnastics, basketball, mini tennis, badminton, handball, rounders and health-related exercise. Within each lesson there is a specific focus on learning, performance and competition.
One third of the time in each lesson will focus on learning a new skill or refining a technique. One third of the time on performing these skills in a physically demanding scenario and the final third will focus on developing competitive situations where these skills can be implemented to achieve success in a conditioned match situation.
During Key Stage 4 pupils follow a sports education model. The focus shifts away from the learning of specific activity skills and techniques and towards educating pupils how to play sport in an organised manner. Boys are given the opportunity to organise competitions, referee, manage teams and dictate tactics. During KS4  many of the same activities are followed as in  KS3 with the addition of American Football, Softball and boys can also introduce new activities to the department. Lessons are taught by the PE teachers and boys have one lesson every week.


Games Curriculum (all year groups)

Within Games pupils have one lesson per week and are split into two streams. Squad activities and participation activities. Squads will focus on individual and team performance in a chosen activity for a prolonged period of time while participation groups will experience a wide range of activities with an emphasis on small sided game play, recreational sports participation and general fitness development. 
Squad activities are by selection only. The PE and Games department run trial sessions for all new pupils in year 7; these sessions are open to all students. Within years 8 to 13 boys are invited to attend squad sessions if they wish to 'try out' for selection.
Squad Sports: Football (autumn & spring terms), rugby (Autumn Term), hockey (spring term), Cricket (summer term), athletics (summer term), squash (all year round) in addition indoor hockey (Sept-Nov) and rugby 7s (spring term). 
All the above have a regular competitive fixture list, which is communicated on school website. The school has a proud tradition of competing at county, regional and national levels. In 2016 the U19 squash team reached the National Finals, U12 and U16 Football teams reached the County Final, U16 hockey team reached both indoor and outdoor Regional finals, U13 table tennis reached the Regional Finals and our top seed progressed to the National Finals.
We also run handball, badminton, table tennis, tennis and swimming who are all entered into their respective school boy competitions. Selection for these occurs via their respective after school Sports Club activity sessions (see below).
Participation sports: Pupils will rotate through the following activities over the course of the year; football, handball, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tag rugby, rounders, mini tennis, crazy catch, badminton and futsal (in the leisure centre). Pupils are grouped primarily by form group for these activities. 


Examination PE

We follow the AQA syllabus at both GCSE and A level. We usually have two groups at GCSE numbering roughly 24 per group and one A level group of 10-15 students.


JHGS Sports Club Excellence and Participation for all.

We run after school activities every night of the week from 4pm-5pm (in addition to the many fixtures that the squads play). The sports club, like games, is split into squad activities and participation activities. Please see for more information.