John Hampden Grammar School


All parents and pupils interested in applying to the school are welcome, indeed encouraged, to visit us. Please contact the school office to arrange an appointment.

As from March 2013, appeals against decisions not to admit students are heard by the Independent Appeals Panel (IAP) for John Hampden Grammar School. 

Here are the 2018 admission rules. 

For admissions in 2018 click here

For admissions in 2019 click here

A further 30 places will be available for Year 7 students starting school in September 2019, with the number of students being admitted into Year 7 rising from 150 to 180.

For admission deadlines for pupils applying for years 8 and 9: JHGS is part of the Bucks County Council consortium and their portal opens for applications at the end of October

Children born between 1 September 2007 and 31 August 2008 will be moving up to secondary school to begin Year 7 in September 2019. If you would like your child to go to a Buckinghamshire grammar school then they need to take the Transfer Tests. If your child does not go to a Buckinghamshire LA primary school, you must register them to take the Transfer Tests and this can be done on the Buckinghamshire County Council website:-  

Further information on the admissions test can be found here

And details of familiarisation papers for the test can be found here

Details of the school catchment area can be found here:-