John Hampden Grammar School

Curriculum overview


In Year 7, all students study two languages from French, German and Spanish. They continue with these two throughout Years 8 and 9 in order to give them a firm foundation upon which to begin GCSE study. 


In Year 10 and 11 all students have to study one language, though many are studying two. We use the AQA exam board and students are assessed on the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The topics covered are up-to-date and relevant, from health and well-being to part-time jobs and media. Students may also have the opportunity to practise their skills on a visit abroad. 


We run enjoyable, robust courses at A Level. Students develop their language skills tremendously and become highly confident speakers throughout Years 12 and 13. All students have the opportunity to visit France, Germany or Spain to carry out a work experience placement, which helps their general development as well as their language skills. We also use a wide variety of media in lessons to thoroughly advance the students linguistic skills.