John Hampden Grammar School


Year 7

In year 7 we run an annual trip to the German Christmas markets in Aachen. This is an excellent taster of life in Germany, providing students with the chance to take in the delights of the markets whilst practising their German speaking and listening. It is a magical experience that the students remember for the rest of their academic careers. 

Year 8 and 9

Students are able to visit the north of France. We have previously run day trips to Normandy and an adventure activity weekend in a French chateau! Click here to view photos from the 2015 French trip. 

Year 10

We currently run city visits to Bordeaux, Munich and Valencia for students in Year 10. With a specific focus on language activities, these visits enable students to gain valuable experience both speaking and understanding the language in a practical environment. Click here to view photos from the Munich 2015 trip. 

Year 12 and 13

All students have the opportunity to visit France, Germany or Spain to carry out a work experience placement, which helps their general development as well as their language skills. Students are placed in employment for 5 days, whilst staying with host families and taking part in a number of organised leisure activities. 

In October 2015 the sixth form Spanish students had the opportunity to visit Salamanca in Spain for a week. They attended a language school in the morning and enjoyed social and cultural activities in the afternoon and evening. In October 2016 we ran a similar trip to Bordeaux for Frenhc students in year 10 and above.