John Hampden Grammar School

School Report 2016



Students from JHGS produced real news for the third consecutive year. 10th March 2016 was when students were chosen to produce 'real' news. This was a valuable opportunity for students to learn about the journalistic process. Browse through the links on the left-hand side to see a range of our fascinating reports. 

Firstly we started looking for news through newspapers. We made a brainstorm of ideas to help us choose what stories to cover. After cutting and sticking we weighed up the pros and cons of different topics and we finally settled on the topics to cover. 

Then the reporting commenced! We hunted for the best people to interview. We practised our scripts and asked them some thought-provoking questions. 

After what seemed like minutes into the day, the deadline was upon us. We had to upload all our videos to the website before the deadline. We need to make some last-minute edits to the reports. Finally we uploaded all the videos to the website. BBC School Report was a valuable and memorable experience to remember.

Look at the menu on the left for some of our reports.

Here is a timelapse from the newsroom: