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Digital Learning in MFL

Digital Learning in MFL

The MFL department puts a great emphasis on collaborative student work, learner autonomy and teamwork using new technologies. The language lab in Room 18 is fully equipped with individual student stations all connected to a central teacher station which allows students to participate in a variety of activities. These range from interacting in the target language with their peers through speakers and headsets, to accessing the wide range of online/ interactive resources available in French, German and Spanish.

There are many language-specific apps and websites, which are frequently used by the department. Students are encouraged to access these inside and outside of school. Here is just a few of our favourites:

Duolingo – this free language learning app is available in many languages and provides students with the ability to practise their dictation, writing and speaking skills. More able students can use the ‘immersion’ tab which allows them to practise their translations skills on a wide range of texts from the internet.

Linguascope – this website is a fantastic way for KS3 learners to practice their vocabulary whilst having fun with the interactive games.





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