John Hampden Grammar School


We work with Wilderness Expertise to run expeditions each summer. Wilderness Expertise provides tailor made personal development overseas expeditions where students plan all aspects of their time away. There is also a comprehensive training programme in the UK to help prepare the team for their expedition. In 2016 expeditions will be run in Iceland and Croatia. 


Previous expeditions have included:

Year Length of expedition Countries visited Brief description  
2015 4 weeks Zambia and Botswana The team helped local farmers in Kasanka National Park construct chilli fences to dissuade elephants from destroying crops. They then climbed Mount Lavushi, a remote peak in central Zambia, before spending a few days relaxing on safari in Botswana. IMG_0173
2014 2 weeks Albania Possibly the only school expedition to Albania! The team helped deliver a summer school and other tasks in the Balkans Peace Park before trekking near Thethi and exploring the rest of this fascinating country. DSC03579
2013 4 weeks Laos The team helped a village refurbish their school. They then explored the rest of the country, including trek through the jungle, canoeing through a 7 mile tunnel and cycling between various villages. 183
2012 2 weeks Slovakia The team completed a challenging trek and spent time restoring some WW2 bunkers. P1010548
2011 4 weeks Peru An incredible trek around the Cordillera Huayhuash (touching the void!) and a chance to see the Amazon rainforest, were highlights of this expedition. IMG_7266
2010 2 weeks Ukraine The team worked in an orphanage in Kiev before trekking in the Crimea. Project18
2009 4 weeks India Trekking and helping in a local school in Kashmir before travelling through Rajasthan Project19
2007 4 weeks Tibet and China A trek to Everest base camp was one of the highlights of this expedition.