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JHGS Sports Club Excellence and Participation for all.


JHGS Sports Website - please click on this link for information on sport at JHGS.

We run after school activities every night of the week from 4pm-5pm (in addition to the many fixtures that the squads play). The sports club, like games, is split into squad activities and participation activities.
We expect all squad players to commit to one after school training session per week when these are made available (see calendar overview). We appreciate that some boys are unable to make these sessions due to other commitments or travel arrangements, but all efforts should be made to attend these. Sessions are currently limited to 20 pupils per session and registration is on a first come first served basis for boys who are in the squad activities. All activities are charged at £3.00/ session (note that squash is charged at £6/session) and boys are asked to sign up to one full term at a time.
Participation activities are available to all pupils across the school. Each club is open to designated year groups however (see calendar view). The majority of sessions are charged at £3/session other than Judo £5, Kickboxing £5 and Climbing £9 (due to the specialist nature of these activities). Boys are expected to sign up to one full term at a time.
Registration for all sessions is advertised to the boys in form time, via assemblies and on the notice boards. In addition parents will receive further information in the Parent Bulletin on each session that your son is entitled to sign up for. You will also see that sessions appear on the School Gateway app/web page when they open for registration. Registration is always on a first come first served basis and groups are limited to 20/session.
Booking and payment for all after sports club activities should be made in Gateway. When booking a club for your son please select the one available session (by selecting the one available session this will book your son onto the club for the half term/term). The one available session will be the date of the last session that the club runs on.
If you have any queries please email



When I log onto the Gateway I do not see any / the club I am looking for?
The club may not yet have opened for registration, the club is not open to your son's year group, or your son is not on the squad list for this activity and therefore cannot sign up. If you believe this to be an error please contact
How do I know when my son's sessions are, what dates and times are sessions on?
An overview of the sessions is available so parents and pupils can see what activities run at what time of year. This may be helpful to plan when to sign up to different sessions as well as to avoid clashes. Within the Gateway you can see on a calendar view when your son is signed up for sessions (after registration). All sessions are 4-5pm.
What happens if my son is invited to multiple sessions (squads in particular)?
Boys are expected to prioritise squad sessions - in particular Football, Hockey and Rugby during winter and Cricket and Athletics during summer. If a clash still exists then a choice should be made based upon when the major completions are and/ or personal preference. For example if you know the Squash National Finals are coming up in December you should prioritise Squash in Nov-Dec.

Participation activities are largely there for boys who are not in squads, but not exclusively so. Squad boys should be mindful of matches clashing with participation sessions. Matches must take priority and refunds will not be available in this circumstance occurring.

What happens if a match is Scheduled during a training session?
The match will simply take the place of that session.
Can I pick and choose different clubs each week?
No. When clubs open for registration we ask pupils to sign up to all sessions available. Generally this means one full term (9,10 or 11 sessions depending on the term length).  In exceptional circumstances, where clashes exist between 2 squad activity sessions, boys may sign up for alternating sessions or two 5 week blocks for example.
Cancellation of sessions / missing sessions and refunds.
If JHGS cancel a session due to coach absence or clash of facilities a refund will be made for that session. We will always endeavour to email notification of this to parents and pupils in advance. If a pupil misses a session due to injury, detentions, medical appointments, match selection etc. no refund will be made.
Boys who suffer longer term injuries should contact and direct their message to Mr Bradley who will deal with individual cases. In any exceptional circumstance please contact Mr Bradley or Mr Boult who will be happy to discuss any situation as it arises.
Payment for sessions is required for us to be able to run these sessions. Pupils who qualify for Free School Meals and / or Pupil Premium are not required to pay as the school has funds in place to subsidise these places. If your son is entitiled to Free School Meals or Pupil Premium Funds please email to confirm which club your son would like to join. Any family who wish to sign their son up to an activity but find the cost prohibitive should contact Mr Bradley who will happily discuss alternative arrangements to facilitate your son's involvement.
If squad players cannot attend does this affect team selection?
Team selection is always done by ability first and foremost. An inability to attend these additional sessions will not compromise your son's selection. These sessions are for enjoyment, skill development and fitness improvement. We hope that boys who attend will be in a better position to attain selection to the teams through their continued development.
Equally attendance at these sessions does not guarantee selection into the 'A' team.
Note that pupils who fail to show commitment to the squad / team during timetabled lessons or are unavailable for a fixture may have their selection brought into question.