John Hampden Grammar School

Careers Software

The following websites are avaliable to students via the Google Classroom - Careers.



Higher Ideas 

Higher Ideas is an excellent starting point for higher education research, generating lots of ideas for courses to consider based on student’s current   studies, interests and career ambitions. High Ideas is useful for research about ‘A’ level choices



JED - Job explorer database

The Job Explorer database has searches, quizzes, pictures and text to help students find out more about hundreds of jobs.   Students should start by completing the Suits me Quiz, ‘Big Quiz’ for ideas about future career paths.  On completing the Big Quiz, a list of jobs will be provided for further research.  



E Clips 

E Clips provides information on the following things

·         Job Groups – 23 industries and the types of jobs within them

·         Information & Advice – choices in education, work and training

·         Lifestyle – topics from housing to relationships

An A-Z index search function to find information quickly and a Career Wizard to give you suggestions

The site also provides Labour Market Information about jobs



Fast Tomato

Fast Tomato has been designed to assist students to broaden their horizons and consider a comprehensive spectrum of career and education options.  Students take a short psychometric questionnaire which gauges their interests, attitudes and motivations.

Fast Tomato offers a wealth of career, course and subject information, coupled with independent advisor support, to inspire students to help them make informed decisions about their future.


Fast tomato