John Hampden Grammar School

Digital Learning at JHGS

Since 2012, Digital Learning has been a feature of Teaching and Learning at JHGS. We were amongst the first schools in the country to pilot and pioneer a 1-2-1 device programme. We ran trial groups with junior students and gradually introduced iPads to successive year groups. Staff and students alike were encouraged to explore and develop their use of IT to enhance teaching and learning. 

Over the years we have embedded the successful features into our teaching, for example Google Classroom has now been universally adopted as the interface of communication, setting homework and providing teaching resources. 

We continue to review our Digital Learning strategy. Last year we tested a number of different devices and sought staff and student feedback. This has informed many of our decisions going forward, most notably the decision to move from a 1-2-1 iPad programme to a 1-2-1 Chromebook programme.

What is a Chromebook?

  • A Chromebook runs an operating system called ChromeOS (rather than Windows or Apple’s OS)
  • Chromebooks are made by a range of manufacturers
  • They are designed with the cloud in mind
  • There are thousands of apps and extensions available, many of them free