John Hampden Grammar School

Why Chromebooks?

At JHGS, technology has become a key tool in supporting the learning of our students. Clearly there are times when technology does not have a role within the lesson and the need and benefits of developing students’ use of pen and paper will continue to be a feature of our teaching.  


However, there are many educational benefits to using Chromebooks in school, such as:

  • Increased collaboration between students and students and teachers

  • Use of features such as the Google Classroom to share work and receive feedback

  • Improved organisation and presentation of work

  • Access to educational apps to enhance teaching and learning

  • Access to resources at home


There is a wide range of devices available, but Chromebooks offer:

  • Value for money
  • Long battery life
  • Less than 8 second boot up
  • Simple technology
  • Access to Google Apps for Education
  • Excellent collaboration tools. The operating system and the GSuite apps are regularly updated without you noticing (and for free)
  • Very resistant to viruses and Trojans
  • Purchase cost (and total cost of ownership as well) is low compared with other devices
  • Convenient for school to manage large numbers