Digital Learning

A Google School - Since 2012, embracing digital technologies has been at the forefront of an innovative approach to education at JHGS. Over the years we have embedded a range of techniques and solutions into our teaching and learning. As a school we utilise ‘Google for Education’ to enable us to deliver this through a range of education specific apps. These include but are not limited to;

Google Classroom - Virtual working environments for all classes, allowing sharing of resources and collaboration between teachers and boys. All homework is set through Google Classroom, and parents are invited to receive a weekly email summary of work set for their son.

Google Drive - An unlimited storage drive, and platform for sharing learning resources and real time collaborative working.

GMail - All boys are assigned their own email account, to allow communication with staff and peers, and receive updates regarding shared resources and upcoming submissions.

Google Meet - A secure online meeting environment, used extensively by the whole school community during the school closure period in 2020 to deliver lessons, small group and individual tutorials, facilitate extra-curricular groups such as the Pratchett Debating Society, and even hold an alternative Sports Day.

In addition to a number of staff members achieving Google Educator level 1 and level 2 accreditation; lead student practitioners (our ‘Google Greats’) work across the school to support the whole JHGS community in using GSuite.

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‘One-to-one’ delivered through Chromebooks in KS3 & KS4

We were amongst the first schools in the country to successfully pilot a one-to-one programme (each boy has his own personal device), allowing students to exploit the advantages of digital technology in the classroom. Our one-to-one programme has been rolled out across KS3 and KS4, equipping our students with a powerful tool to facilitate collaborative and connected learning experiences.

Our Chromebook scheme relies on parental support to purchase devices, although financial assistance is available for disadvantaged boys when required.  The cloud based storage that Chromebooks benefit from means that device specifications are relatively low, making devices more affordable than an equivalent Windows OS laptop.  The minimum specification of Chromebooks for school use, and other considerations, are outlined in the Chromebook@JHGS information booklet that can be downloaded below.  We currently recommend the Lenovo 300e (3rd generation) Chromebook as a school proven device. 

All Chromebooks used in school require a Chrome for Education License, which can be purchased separately, or as part of a package. Full details of the Chromebook purchase programme and current recommended device will be sent directly to parents when the programme is launched during Year 7. 

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook runs an operating system called ChromeOS (rather than Windows or Apple’s OS).

Chromebooks are made by a range of well known manufacturers.

They are designed with the cloud in mind.

There are thousands of apps and extensions available, many of them free.

The Chrome for Education Licence which must be installed on student devices allows the school to manage content and apps whilst at school.

Chromebooks were chosen as our preferred device after a robust review process involving staff and students in 2018. Chromebooks were chosen due to the significant benefits we identified over other devices, particularly their suitability in an educational environment, affordability and integration into the Google environment students have become accustomed to.

Clearly there are times when technology does not have a role within the lesson and the need and benefits of developing students’ use of pen and paper will continue to be a feature of our teaching. 

As the Covid 19 crisis has demonstrated, Google schools like JHGS, with one-to-one devices for students have been very effective in supporting learning despite school closures.


Chromebook Resources

Year 7 Chromebook Launch Presentation - February 2024

Chromebook Acceptable Use Policy

Chromebook@JHGS information leaflet

‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) in the Sixth Form

We recognise the importance of technology in today’s society and believe it enhances learning opportunities.  With the older students at school soon to explore options beyond JHGS, we want them to have the choice between a Chromebook, Windows laptop, Macbook, or an alternative device they think is more appropriate to their needs as they begin to specialise.

Please click here for our Acceptable Use Policy.