Work Experience

All students in Year 12 have the opportunity to participate in Work Experience in June.  This provides students with first-hand experience of either a career or degree subject they are considering after Year 13 and assists their long term pathway plans.

The following is sample of the feedback we have received from students about their experience:-

On the week of 18th-22nd of June, I was one of six boys who visited Lloyds Banking Group in London for a week of work experience. It was an excellent experience in which we received talks from many different departments such as tax, corporate affairs and law. We’ve learnt so much about the baking industry as a whole as well as the various routes to get into banking, rather than just the traditional route through university. The week finished off with Lloyds Bank professionals meeting us to give advice regarding career progression, CVs and interviews. The session certainly developed our work-related skills and overall, we have benefited massively from the week.    R

During my personal development week, I went to Heliair Ltd to work alongside an engineer. What I was expecting went completely different from the moment I got there. I wasn’t expecting to be working directly on the helicopters they service and perform tasks that contribute to the overall safety of the aircraft. We got our hands dirty by taking apart a Bell Jet Ranger II engine and helped seal parts of the firewall. All the engineers working there were so kind and were happy to answer any questions we had in extraordinary detail. I am ecstatic I decided to go to Heliair because it opened my eyes as to what Engineering in that real world can be like and what my future prospects could be. It truly was a pleasure for me to be there.   J

My work experience at Disney was far more open and inclusive than I thought it was going to be; I was assuming I'd just be work shadowing the different departments. However, to my surprise, I was told that just shadowing wasn't the real "Disney Experience" and was promptly put to work with the highest level on each department (after signing an NDA) and I sat in on important meetings planning huge advertising and future business decisions. The best part, however, was that I worked with the most important artist within Disney, the man who is the only artist who's legally allowed to make Mickey Mouse for Disney, all his artwork is what gets printed on all Disney merchandise! To end the week I was even put in Mickey Mouses 90th Anniversary TV special as an extra and then asked to come back for all of summer!   W

At JHGS our aim is to provide students with opportunities that prepare them for the next educational step and eventual employment; by participating in work experience, students gain an invaluable insight into the workplace, assisting them to make decisions on degree subject choices and career pathways.

At JHGS we are aware of the enormous amount of time and support that is provided to students whilst on placement and we are extremely grateful to all companies for providing students with this invaluable opportunity.