School Uniform is an important part of JHGS's identity and the policy will be enforced.  Full details of the uniform requirement for all year groups from September 2022 can be found here.  The PE kit details for Years 7-11 can be found here.

With effect from Friday 1st April 2022, JHGS uniform will be sold by our new supplier for both daywear and sports kit - Hawkinsport in Bourne End.

A full tender process was undertaken 12 months ago, in anticipation of the new statutory guidance that was issued in November 2021, and the school seeks to provide the best possible value for money, whilst maintaining the benefits of a standard uniform.

Parking is available at their store at Unit 10A, Wessex Rd, Bourne End SL8 5DT, and uniform may also be ordered online for delivery either to home or to school. https://www.hawkinsport.co.uk/

A) Daywear

In order to minimise the cost of daywear, the only essential JHGS branded items are the school blazer and tie which can now be purchased from Hawkinsport. 

A blazer pocket badge is also available from Hawkinsport which may be sewn onto a plain black blazer if required.

Black V-necked jumpers are available with the JHGS logo, however a plain black V-neck jumper is also acceptable.

All other items of daywear are unbranded.

B) Sports kit

We have taken this opportunity to re-style the sports kit, although the JHGS black and gold colours remain. From September 2022 incoming Year 7s will be expected to have the new style kit, but for existing students this can be phased in as new kit is purchased. There are a few items that are required (reversible games top, house top, football/rugby shorts, socks and holdall) but much of the available kit is optional.

C) Second hand uniform 

The school has a stock of second hand uniform and we hold sales regularly. There is a limited quantity of unused old style PE kit available from the second hand shop.

D) Students eligible for Free School Meals are entitled to a grant towards the cost of new school uniform and can access the second hand uniform shop at a reduced price. Please contact the school for details.

PE and Games Kit

Boys will be expected to have for all PE and Games lessons.  If you have any questions please speak to a member of the PE department.


Sixth Form Uniform and Personal Appearance

Students in the Sixth Form are expected to act as examples to younger students and should present themselves tidily at all times, including the journey to and from school. 

All students should be clean-shaven at the start of school, unless maintaining or actively seeking to grow a beard. Beards must be trimmed often and neatly presented at all times; persistent instances of unkempt presentation will be referred to the Director of Sixth Form who has the right to withdraw the permission or insist that the student shaves.  

The final decision on suitability of dress and presentation rests with the Assistant Head - Director of Sixth Form.


School uniform will be worn properly at all times, including for school matches, unless the member of staff in charge has agreed otherwise.