School Uniform is an important part of JHGS's identity and the policy will be enforced.


Compulsory Items

Black Blazer - Blazer Badge embroidered on pocket

Dark grey or black trousers

White shirt

School tie

Shoes of the black leather type (no suede or trainers) and laces should be the same colour as the shoes

Socks of a plain, dark colour

Workshop apron - navy blue


Optional Items

JHGS backpack (sold by SportCrest)

Pullover - black with a v neck. This may be plain or PMG sell one with the school swan embroidered on it.

PMG Schoolwear at 5 Church Square, High Wycombe stock the school uniform.

They can be contacted on 01494 529693 or by e-mail at highwycombe@pmgretail.co.uk. Uniform can also be purchased online via their website.


Uniform can also be purchased from SportCrest, 3 Union Parade, Eden Shopping Centre, High Wycombe, HP11 2BQ.  See their website here.


While certain items of clothing may be purchased elsewhere, the style and material must conform with the uniform as sold by these outfitters.


In cold or inclement weather boys are expected to wear a plain coat to school. Hoodies are not allowed.

HAIR Years 7 - 11

Boys in Years 7-11 will be clean shaven.

Hair will be cut in a conventional manner and must be neat and tidy. It should not be cut shorter than a grade 2, nor grown below the collar or cover the face.  Skin fades are not permitted.

Boys are not allowed to have shapes or patterns shaved into their hair. Any extremes of fashion will be dealt with by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and the Headteacher will be the final arbiter of acceptability.

Parents will be informed if a style is unacceptable.


PE and Games Kit

Boys will be expected to have for all PE and Games lessons:

Please see an illustrated list and further details of PE kit on the Sports Google site here.


For details of these garments please visit Sportscrest.

If you have any questions please speak to a member of the PE department.



RUSH is our second hand uniform shop and stocks both uniform and sports kit.   Please contact them via this link.




Sixth Form Uniform and Personal Appearance

Students in the Sixth Form are expected to act as examples to younger students and should present themselves tidily at all times, including the journey to and from school. 


The uniform is as follows:

Smart black, dark blue or dark grey suit, which should be plain or narrow pinstripe.

Pullover – grey, black or dark blue.

White or plain, sober coloured shirt or predominantly white shirt with stripes/checks.

Appropriate school tie (Sixth Form, Honours, Prefect etc.).  A Sixth Form tie is available as part of the induction package.

Clean black/brown leather shoes, not boots or trainers.

Plain dark socks.

Watches and a single ring are permitted but other jewellery is not.

Piercings of any sort are not permitted.

One charity band is permitted.

No make-up can be worn and no visible tattoos are allowed.

Hair will be cut in a conventional manner and must be neat and tidy. Any extremes of fashion, including unnatural hair dye or shaved lines, will be dealt with by the Director of Sixth Form. Parents will be informed and a pupil will face a sanction, in accordance with our Behaviour Management Policy. Where students choose to have longer hairstyles, they should use a hair band/tie so that hair can be removed from the face. This is relevant for studying, but more importantly for practical/safety reasons in science and design lessons, for example.

All students should be clean-shaven at the start of school, unless maintaining or actively seeking to grow a beard. Beards must be trimmed often and neatly presented at all times; persistent instances of unkempt presentation will be referred to the Director of Sixth Form who has the right to withdraw the permission or insist that the student shaves.  


The final decision on suitability of dress and presentation rests with the Assistant Head - Director of Sixth Form.



School uniform will be worn properly at all times, including school matches,unless the member of staff in charge has agreed otherwise.