Pupil Premium Statement and Catchup Funding Report

Regardless of background, all students at JHGS can #BeMore.

John Hampden Grammar School has a responsibility to spend Pupil Premium funding on interventions within our context that will support the attainment of our Pupil Premium students.  The school spends its allocated Pupil Premium funding each year with the following three aims:

- To close the academic attainment gap between Pupil Premium students and non-Pupil Premium students.

- To ensure that Pupil Premium students can fully access the curriculum, including costs associated with the curriculum such as educational visits and revision materials.

- To ensure that Pupil Premium students can be fully involved in the wider life of the school, such as in sports clubs, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and music lessons.

The JHGS Pupil Premium Strategy Statement can be found here.

Spending is primarily restricted to categories that the school has determined will help us to achieve the three aims of the Pupil Premium policy.  Spending is also applied differently according to need, and in line with the following four groups:

Group 1 – Students who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding and FSM / post-Looked After Children (LAC)
Group 2 – Students who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding, but not FSM
Group 3 – Students who are eligible for the Armed Forces Premium funding
Group 4 – Broader benefit

Pupil Premium Spending


Group One

Group Two

Group Three

Group Four

Years 7-11

Academic Support Sessions                                                                                          Weekly sessions led by the Learning Support Department as required

Mentoring  and Counselling                                                                                     

Use of the school's mentoring and counselling services as required

Curriculum materials                                                                                

Including books, D&T materials and revision guides



Curriculum Educational Visits                                                                                          

All visits related to the curriculum



Uniform Purchase Grant                                                                                                              

Purchase of school uniform and PE kit - £100 per annum (receipts required)





Standard size school locker



Sports Clubs                                                                         

Participation in two of the school's sports clubs per term


Musical Instrument Lessons       

One weekly 20 minute music lesson at school - regular attendance will be monitored                                                                                  



ICT Purchases                                                                                                                          As appropriate - sourced by the school




Relocation / late joining                                                                                            Spending identified to help the student settle in at JHGS




Year 7

Induction Residential Weekend                                   

Induction weekend on site in first term of Year 7


Years 9-10

Duke of Edinburgh                                    

Full cost of completing the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Gold Awards through the school - completion monitored and required



Years 10-11

Foreign Language Assistant Sessions                                                                                 

Sessions to support students who are struggling with MFL subjects as required



For further information, please download the documents below.  The Pupil Premium Statement sets out the principles of our intervention and spending in greater detail.  The Pupil Premium Annual Report will be published early in each academic year.  It details interventions and spending from the previous year and plans for the coming academic year.




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