Summer School - August 2021

John Hampden Grammar School

Summer School Statement

John Hampden Grammar School ran a very successful summer school in the last week of August 2021. All incoming Year 7 were invited and spare places were offered to pupils going into Year 8, targeted first at disadvantaged  students and those who had been identified as needing additional academic or pastoral interventions following two years of disrupted teaching. Places were then offered to the whole cohort on a first come, first saved basis.

A total of 187 boys attended during the week, with the majority attending for all five days.

Each day comprised six separate activities, three academic and three sporting, and each group consisted of no more than 15 students. A lunch was provided for those eligible for free school meals and for any others whose parents chose to pay. Pupil progress was tracked by RAG ratings, and this information was passed to the Heads of Years 7 and 8 to enable them to target students where necessary in the first weeks of term.

All incoming Year 7s were taught about how the school operates, the routines of the school day and were able to familiarise themselves with the layout of the site. The academic sessions provided an opportunity for teachers to meet the children and gain an initial insight into their strengths and weaknesses. Students then worked on differentiated literacy and numeracy activities around different themes relating to the Olympics.

The sporting sessions were a time for teamwork, for making new friends and for getting to know the sporting facilities and opportunities available at JHGS. In these sessions students developed communication skills.

For the pupils moving into Year 8, their first academic year at JHGS had been severely disrupted by the lockdown and periods of self-isolation. The summer school week allowed them to reconnect with their friends and interact with others outside of their normal friendship group. The summer school was held in the last week of the holidays and operated during normal school hours, therefore providing a timely reminder of school routines and expectations. Incoming Year 8s had a similar mix of academic and sporting sessions as the Year 7s, tailored in Maths and English to reflect what they had learned during their first year at JHGS.

There was extremely positive feedback from the boys and their parents commenting on how much they had enjoyed the week and how excited they were to be starting school in September. 

The summer school was staffed by qualified teachers, teaching assistants and volunteers from amongst our Year 11, 12 and 13 students. Some of these older students now act as mentors or key contacts for the younger pupils which has boosted their confidence after two years of disrupted learning.

Funding of just under £40,600 has been applied for. The bulk of the funding was spent on staffing (£27k), equipment and resources (£11k), apportionment of DSL and SLT time (£800), and apportionment of site expenses (£750). Both sporting and academic activities were well resourced with small teaching groups to enable pupils to gain the maximum benefit from the week.