Religion and Philosophy

Socrates famously said “The unexamined life is not worth living”. R&P at JHGS is academically rigorous in its ‘examination of life’ from years 7 to 13.


The aims of R&P is for pupils to #BeMoreKnowledgeable by:

Exploring the contribution of a breadth and depth of major world religion to culture and society on a local, national and global level

Exploring big philosophical questions on the purpose and meaning of life

Exploring contemporary ethical issues from students personal views, alongside both religious and secular views


We also aim for students to #BeMoreInvolved by:

Developing oracy skills both through discussion and debate, and effective written skills.

Developing the skill of constructing coherent, informed and justified judgements, as well as identifying false premises and poor reasoning, to come to clear and logical conclusions through engaging and exciting discussions and written work.

In short, R&P lessons are: challenging, thought-provoking, engaging, fun and discussions are heated yet respectful.

RS can help students in a number of careers (#BeMoreAmbitious) including, but not limited to: law, medicine, politics, journalism, emergency services, education, civil service, HR, media and charity.

GCSE Options Video 2021

An introduction to Philosophy A Level can be found here

External Exams

GCSE:  AQA Specification A. 8062BA. 
A'Level: AQA 7172

For a full Curriculum Map for Core RS please click here. 

For a fullCurriculum Map for Examined RS at GCSE or Philosophy at A Level please click here.

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