History allows us to make sense of the world around us and our place within it. Given History’s importance, the History Department aims to develop students into global citizens who have an awareness of history’s impact on and relevance to the modern world. Students emerge articulate in their ability to apply their understanding of history to their understanding of themselves and their community. We strive to enable students to #bemore by:


At Key Stage 3, students gain a clear chronological narrative of the history of Britain in year 7, before undertaking a wider global study of ‘Human Rights and Protest’ in year 8. By circling back to common themes throughout their studies, students make comparisons and connections across time periods which enrich their understanding, seeing where history rhymes and resonates across different times and places. See our Key Stage 3 learning journey to find out how.


Our weekly History Society is open to all years, and allows students to debates big historical ideas, and present on historical passion projects. Our History department Twitter includes regular updates from the club. 


Students are encouraged to seek out challenging texts related to their studies, as well as examining how history has been interpreted in TV and film. See our History Department’s ‘Ones to Read and Watch’ as an example.


Students engage in structured debate and discussion in lessons, to foster the capacity of students to articulate and justify their views. This emphasis on developing student oracy allows students to emerge as confident and articulate historians. 

Regular educational visits enrich the experience of our students. Our annual WWI Battlefields residential trip allows students to deepen their understanding of their GCSE studies, while our 2023 A Level Berlin trip allows students to see a city which was at the heart of 20th century European history. 

History students have gone on to a range of highly selective universities in recent years, including the universities of Oxford, Edinburgh, Bristol and Warwick. Students in older year groups have the opportunity to mentor younger students in History Society, and participate in a number of enrichment opportunities, including the Holocaust Educational Trust’s ‘Lessons From Auschwitz’ project.

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An introduction to History A Level is availablehere

External Exams

GCSE:  Edexcel 1H10

A’Level: OCR H505

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Key Stage 3 and 4 Reading and Watching ideas around the curriculum.