The principal aim of the psychology department is to develop an appreciation and understanding of how psychology affects all aspects of society and human interaction, and how ultimately psychologists aim to improve the human condition. 


Students learn about a range of fascinating topics, such as aggression, relationships, psychopathologies and memory. They develop their understanding of Research Methods and develop advanced evaluative and analytical skills through the study of complex theories and research. 


Through the study of topics such as psychopathologies, gender and cultural bias students learn how to empathise with others. They begin to understand why people behave the way they do and to think about these factors before making judgements. 


A large number of students undertake psychology A level and many go on to study psychology in Higher Education, often at Russell Group universities, including Oxford. 


Outside of the classroom students can pursue their specific interests in Psychology Society, where they are able to design and carry out research studies. They can also attend lectures at prestigious institutions such as The Royal Institution.  


An introduction to Psychology A Level can be found here

External Exams

GCSE: Not Available at GCSE

A’Level: AQA 7182


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