The Politics Department aims to develop students’ awareness of and critical engagement with the world of politics, allowing them to become responsible voters and citizens. We strive to enable students to #bemore:


Students study a mixture of UK and US politics, and develop the capacity to compare and contrast the differing political landscapes of each. Students are encouraged to engage with news and current affairs as an integral part of the course, keeping a weekly current affairs journal throughout the course.


Lessons emphasise the importance of debate and discussion to challenge and clarify ideas. Students engage in structured debate and discussion in lessons, to foster the capacity of students to articulate and justify their views. This emphasis on developing student oracy allows students to emerge as confident and articulate politics students.


Our annual ‘Politicon’ event is a student-led opportunity for pressure groups and political parties to set out their stalls and debate with students. Our annual student-organised ‘Question Time’ similarly invites prominent public individuals to speak at JHGS. #BeMoreIndependent

By taking on student leadership roles in organising ‘Politicon’ and ‘Question Time’, our students engage and interact with leading organisations and public individuals in order to gain experience of engaging in and conducting political participation.


We have a proud record of students going on to study the subject at degree level. In recent years, our students have gone on to study politics and politics joint honours courses at highly selective universities such as Exeter, Bristol and Warwick.

An introduction to Politics A Level can be found here

External Exams

GCSE: Not available

A'Level: Edexcel 9PL0 

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