Through their study of Drama, we want all our students to become impressively creative, critically minded and knowledgeable.


Students engage with challenging texts such as Romeo and Juliet, Antigone, DNA and The Crucible. They learn about Commedia dell’arte, Stanislavski, Laben and Brecht. From a basic grounding in stagecraft and rehearsal methods in Year 7 to studying and practically experiencing the process of realising a play from ‘page to stage’ at Key Stage 4, students are given a thorough understanding of how Drama is produced.

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We offer a range of extra-curricular activities, including regular theatre trips, ESU performance competitions and Drama Club.


Success in Drama requires a high degree of independence; the creation of theatre is a demanding and time-consuming process that, particularly at GCSE level, cannot purely be achieved during lesson time. One of the principle keys to success in Drama is the ability to work independently. 


Lessons use art and culture to bring literary texts and topics to life. There is debate and discussion to encourage oracy and a passionate engagement with language and ideas. Students are encouraged to investigate and research the areas of Drama that particularly interest them, and to allow this to inform their work.