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Art and Design

Art students at JHGS become visually literate as they are given first hand experience of the different disciplines of Art and Design. Our aim is to empower students to be proficient artists in their own right. Throughout the curriculum we challenge students to think, act and speak like artists. 

Artistic awareness is fostered through purposeful exploration and the teaching of a wide variety of design skills linked to a firm knowledge base. Students are given the opportunity to engage with practitioners and examples of historical art and design from a range of cultural contexts.

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Culture Capital is instilled in students throughout their time at JHGS by ensuring knowledge of Britain’s artistic heritage and a knowledge of contemporary practitioners. These are considered alongside international artists and analysis of important art movements. Students undertake visits to exhibitions that feature the work of specific artists.

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We provide our students with a means to engage with and understand the world around them and their relationship with it. Embedded in our curriculum is the exploration of the work of other artists and designers from a spectrum of backgrounds, genders, ethnicities and beliefs. Students are made aware of the world through artefacts and the ideologies running through them. Art provides students with a means to express their thoughts and feelings about the world around them.

#BeMore Ambitious

We aim to develop a passion for the subject that will encourage students to study Art and Design at post-18 and go on to related careers. We do this by providing learning contexts that promote the understanding of the creative design industries, their role in the economy and how they can lead to exciting career opportunities.


GCSE Options video 2021 

An introduction to Fine Art A Level can be viewedhere

External Exams

GCSE: Exam Board and code: AQA 8202

A’Level: Exam Board and code: AQA 7202


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