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Through their study of English Language and Literature, we want all our students to become more creative, more critically minded and more culturally engaged.


Students engage with challenging full texts such Antigone, Frankenstein and Animal Farm. They learn about Ancient Greece, Arthurian legend, Romanticism, dystopian worlds, and read texts through modern critical lenses to consider ideas of identity and gender through time. Each topic includes a list of high-level vocabulary to master.

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We offer a range of popular extra-curricular clubs such as the Pratchett Debating Society (Junior and Senior), Drama Club, INK Creative Writing Club and the ASK Podcast.

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We encourage daily reading for pleasure and challenge. Students win house points for making particularly ambitious choices in their wider reading. We tell students that reading makes you smart and there are books out there - fiction or non-fiction - that you will love.

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Lessons use art and culture to bring literary texts and topics to life. There is debate and discussion to encourage oracy and a passionate engagement with language and ideas. There is an English-related trip or visit for each year-group each year. 

You can find debating competition updates and images of trips and activities on our JHGS English Twitter.

A number of our students have recently gone on to study English-related subjects at Oxbridge and other top universities. To help others follow in their footsteps we have created the Super Curriculum with suggested links, wider reading and cultural activities to go beyond the classroom:  The Super Curriculum

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GCSE Options Video 2021

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External Exams

English Language

GCSE: AQA 8700

A’Level: Not available


English Literature

GCSE:  AQA 8702

A’Level:  Year 13 AQA 7717/BB  and Year 12 AQA 7717/AB



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Subject Documents Date  
JHGS English Reading Lists 13 and 16 13th Oct 2021 Download
English LIMITLESS Books To Expand Your Horizons 1 27th Jan 2022 Download

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