We strive to achieve a love of the natural world in our students. There is always more to find out and more to discover as the scientific community uncover more about the world in which we live. Therefore, we aim to #BeMore in Biology. We are also the home of Ozymandius, the school snake.

The biology vision is to produce students who are excellent scientists, resilient with new challenges, curious about the world in which we live, ambitious with our potential and open-minded when approaching new situations.


Students are introduced to a wide range of aspects of biology in KS3 which prepares them for the GCSE. We study the building blocks of life, the systems that make us human, fabulous plants and how we influence our environment.


We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities from dissection to horticulture, and we encourage our students to decide what they want to do in these sessions. Our horticulturalists produce plants that we can send to the school kitchens, as well as ensuring we often have garden flowers in reception.


We have high numbers of students taking biology A Level, many of whom go onto study biology degrees. Some of these include medicine, veterinary science, biochemistry, pharmacy, dentistry and even art.

We aspire to have all our students appreciative of the natural world when they leave our classrooms. Our hope is that they will continue to enjoy biology long beyond their school days.

At JHGS #BeMore means that science extends beyond the school gate. Science is about acquiring knowledge, skills and insights for a lifetime. 

Our students explore the development of scientific theories, refining their ability to articulate and present complex concepts. They learn to analyse data critically and realise connections by linking and developing ideas across lessons, topics and scientific disciplines. They gain experience through a wide range of experimental work, becoming independent investigators able to reflect upon and evaluate their observations.

Our role is to cultivate our students’ natural curiosity and equip them with the means to better understand the Universe they inhabit, seek answers to questions and make informed choices. Our students become immersed in how the world around them works, how it affects their lives and how they influence it in return. They are equipped to #BeMore in their professional and wider lives.

GCSE Options video 2021


An introduction to A Level Biology can be viewed here

External Exams

GCSE: Exam Board and Code Edexcel 1BIO

A’Level: Exam Board and Code OCR H420


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