#BeMore in Physics

We aspire to fuel student curiosity into the hows and whys of the world in which they live and to equip them with the tools to explore these questions for themselves. We aim to develop rational, logical thinkers who can apply their knowledge and understanding of physics beyond the classroom or exam hall in order to solve real world problems and make informed, evidence based decisions in life.


Students are introduced to the core concepts which underpin physics and how to think like a scientist in KS3, preparing them for the GCSE course, where they revisit these key ideas, explore them in more depth and begin to make broader connections. Our curriculum enables students to develop a deep appreciation of the big ideas in physics (energy, forces & fields and matter & materials) such that they can apply this knowledge confidently to new situations and problems beyond the limits of the exam specification. 


We foster students who can break down challenging problems and apply their knowledge and skills, in a methodical manner, to arrive at a solution. We push students to develop these abilities and take a reflective approach when they encounter barriers. Through modelling and scaffolding we provide students with the tools and techniques to become more confident and independently find approaches to manipulate data and explain phenomena, even when a solution may not initially be apparent.


Our A-level course is very popular, seeing a lot of students opt to challenge themselves and explore the subject in greater depth. By promoting the opportunities and careers available by having qualifications in physics, we regularly see 25-50% of our students moving onto higher education courses in physics or directly related subjects, such as engineering.

Each year we encourage participation in a number of British Physics Olympiad competitions to stretch students beyond their comfort zone, develop a wider appreciation for the applications of physics and further their problem solving ability.

Physics at JHGS provides students with a solid basis for understanding the workings of our universe on the smallest of scales to the largest of scales and empowers them to keep asking questions and search for more answers. Whether or not they choose to become scientists themselves, they will be equipped to explore new ideas and tackle challenges with an analytical and critical mind.

In Science, #BeMore at JHGS means that science continues beyond the school gate. Science is about acquiring skills and interests for a lifetime. 

Our pupils gain experience through a wide range of practicals. They also learn to analyse data critically and realise insights by linking and developing ideas across lessons, topics and subjects. Our pupils become immersed in how the world around them works, how it affects them and how they influence it in return. They are equipped to #BeMore knowledgeable, critical and problem-solving in their professional and wider lives.


GCSE Options Video 2021

An introduction to A Level Physics is available here

External Exams

GCSE: Year 11 Edexcel 1PH01  Yrs 9 and 10 Edexcel 1PH0

A’Level:  OCR H556

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