Welcome to the geography department at John Hampden Grammar School. We have a clear mission: to cultivate citizens of the world, for the world. This endeavour is not taken lightly and requires of all our students to #BeMore with geography. The exceptional academic outcomes that we deliver to our students is not the principle goal of our curriculum, but rather the catalyst for their curiosity and capacity to positively shape the world around them as adults. 

At each stage of the curriculum, from Year 7, through to Year 13, we tell stories and develop skills that extend beyond the basic requirement of the national curriculum. Students in Year 8 gain an appreciation of the science, economics and politics of climate change, while Year 13 students tackle this same global issue through the lens of global governance. We believe that aspirational teaching, with complex ideas expertly conveyed using evidence-based teaching methods is the model for elevating students to a more sophisticated understanding of this vast subject. Despite this clear focus, the geography department recognises the equal importance of inclusiveness. Through our varied provision and skilled, nurturing team, we support all students to become confident, determined learners who thrive in the face of challenge and embrace rigour. #BeMore Knowledgeable #BeMore Resilient

The JHGS approach to teaching in geography allows students to confidently explore and broaden their abilities. Students become effective public speakers, adept at presenting academic arguments and passionately debating key geographical issues. Students, through the learning journey, are frequently given opportunities to practice fieldwork skills, culminating in a significant research project at Year 13 that prepares them for the kind of independent thinking required to solve the major issues of our time. #BeMore Independent 

The mainstay of an exciting geography curriculum is the chance to venture beyond the classroom and stand amidst the subject matter itself. Atop mountains in the Brecon Beacons, along the historic tapestry of Brick Lane, and on the precipice of cliffs, gazing down at the battle lines between land and sea. Moving forward, the geography department is planning international educational visits that will further enrich the student experience and burnish the appreciation for both the human and natural world. #BeMore Ambitious

This illustrious subject is highly popular with JHGS students at GCSE and A-Level. However, we do not measure our impact by numbers, but by the enthusiasm and acuity with which our students discuss geographical issues, and the contribution of our alumni to tackling them. #BeMore Involved

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An introduction to A Level Geography is availablehere

External Exams

GCSE: AQA 8035

A-Level:  AQA 7037

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