Our mission in the department of mathematics is simple - #BeMore with Mathematics

From mathematician in Year 7 through to Scholar in Year 13 we strive to foster inquisitive, innovative and ambitious learners and to ignite a lifelong passion for mathematics combined with a deep appreciation of its authentic applications in the outside world with engaging and inspiring lessons that develop mathematical rigour. Our provision transcends barriers to learning and is inclusive of and accessible to all.

We aim to cultivate independent mathematicians who are fluent in mathematics 

#BeMore Knowledgeable, can reason mathematically and solve authentic problems accurately and efficiently 

#BeMore Resilient We encourage them to scrutinise and make sense of the data available to them, to be financially literate and to make an accurate and professional use of mathematical notation and methods 

#BeMore Independent. Crucially, we promote learners to proactively debate the suitability and efficiency of mathematical methods and processes, along with their authentic applications. #BeMore Ambitious

We provide regular enrichment opportunities, such as UKMT Mathematics Challenges, and cross curricular links to demonstrate the relevance of this discipline. Distinctively, we strive to instil in our learners a thirst to problem-solve and a recognition that mathematics is the highest form of pure thought. Outside of lessons learners can seek help and support at Maths Solutions, a popular lunchtime support drop-in facilitated by a committed team of A Level students and open to students across years 7 to 11. We also run weekly A Level math clinics for A Level students. We boast a popular weekly Chess Club and have this witnessed a truly successful launch of the Euler-Erdos (EE) Mathematical society, a dynamic platform from which our learners can immerse themselves in further mathematical enrichment, exploration and extension. The EE society has welcomed a number of visiting speakers comprising industry experts and academics in maths related fields. #BeMore Involved

We offer courses in GCSE Mathematics (with some of our students undertaking an additional qualification in Level 2 Further Mathematics), A Level Mathematics and A Level Further Mathematics. We also offer a comprehensive MAT and STEP support programme.

Simply put, students at JHGS love mathematics - our A Level Mathematics course is by far the most popular course and we are celebrating record high numbers in students pursuing mathematics at degree level. 

GCSE Options Video 2021

Introduction to A Level Maths can be viewed here

External Exams

GCSE: AQA 8300 (Higher sets also take AQA Certificate 8365 Further Maths)

A’Level: Edexcel 9MA0

Further Maths A'Level: 9FM0

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