Personal and Social Development

PSD at JHGS encompasses statutory Relationships and Sex Education, Health Education and Citizenship as well as careers and enterprise education and current and real world issues.

PSD is taught to students in all years by their Form Tutors.

The aims of PSD is for pupils to:

Prepare for life and work in modern Britain #BeMoreAmbitious

Develop the knowledge, skills and attributes to be healthy and safe and have positive mental health #BeMoreKnowledgeable

Develop the awareness and understanding of democracy, government and how laws are made and upheld through exploration of political and social issues  #BeMoreKnowledgeable

Explore and promote tolerance and appreciation of the diverse communities we live in   #BeMoreInvolved

Explore current and real world issues, considering how this impacts on their own and their peers lives as well as exploring how they can shape a better future  #BeMoreExcited

For a full Curriculum Map for all years please click here.  Please note these are dynamic documents and therefore for guidance only.